Want to access key sales and customer data without filtering and combining reports?

Solve your customer support inquiries with reduced call and email volume and decreased handle times?

Support your customers 24/7 and allow your agents to focus on higher value revenue-generating interactions?

Responsum empowers ecommerce businesses to uncover actionable insights leading to quicker decision-making and happier customers.

Launch in minutes

Our built-in integrations and simple no-code interface to create FAQs allow you to launch quickly and start engaging with the assistant.

Conduct quick surveys

Engage your customers to gather feedback or guide them to the right product. Natural conversation produces significantly higher response rates than typical surveys.

Messy language understanding

Through our advanced algorithms, we understand messy language and can derive the context of a user’s dialogue, enabling Responsum to interpret the correct response.

AI training capability

Quickly uncover new dialogue that needs to be supported as well as actively train on existing conversations. Enhance the user experience with phrase clustering and dynamic entity recognition.

Quick access to analytics

Guide customers to the right product

Automatically solve customer requests

Decrease agent handling time

Engage with your Analytics

Get quick access to your customer and product analytics without having to find and filter reports. Manage your business with simple dialogue and dig deeper into reports when needed.

  • Sales, orders and AOV
  • Customer history
  • Update and query inventory
  • Site visitor behavior
  • Customer acquisition and marketing insights

Drive increased conversion rates

Deliver personalized experiences to site visitors before they abandon their cart or bounce. Create automated dialogue to alleviate product confusion and compel customers to purchase.

  • Guide customers to the optimal product for their needs
  • Recommendations based on past purchases
  • Offer promotions and coupons
  • Drive upsells with related products, warranties, and add-ons

Automate your frontline support

Customer prefer to solve product and service issues on their own. Build a self-service knowledge base that grows and learns from you customer interactions and connects directly to your ecommerce platform.

24/7 support for your customers:

  • Track order status
  • Answer product-related questions
  • Change delivery details
  • Return and refund guidance
  • Fitting and sizing help
  • Add items to unshipped orders
  • Address delivery concerns and delays