Automatic Speech Recognition.
Natural Language Understanding.
Built for the Enterprise.

Powered by Responsum. Commanded by you.

Use natural language to communicate directly with your CRM.

Make it much simpler for your team to keep their sales data up-to-date.

Limitless ways to interact with your data.

Deploy an FAQ Bot Directly to Your Customer-Facing Website or Intranet

Answer common questions from customers or employees by uploading FAQs.
Our machine learning algorithm will grow smarter as users interact and you’ll be able to easily add new content without any need for IT support.

Example Question From a City Government Website

How do I reserve a picnic spot at the park?
The Parks and Recreation Department has several facilities available for private rentals, as well as picnic areas available to reserve in the parks. To make reservations, call 512-555-5555.

Example From an Internal Corporate FAQ Bot

Is Labor Day a paid holiday?
Yes, enjoy your day off! Here is our full holiday calendar.

One app that connects to all of your sources of data to enable a frictionless experience for accessing and transforming data.

Follow the simple instructions to connect to any supported SaaS product

Take employee collaboration to a new level.

Responsum’s proprietary machine learning algorithms capture the knowledge of your team, thus increasing your entire organization’s collective efficiency.